Statistics, Covid19 and fake news

Thursday, January 21 2021 at 7:30PM

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David Spiegelhalter (Royal Society video of a talk)

What's the talk about?

As we still can't get together in person, here is our first Zoom session of 2021 - at 7.30pm on Thursday 21st January (the normal Skeptics night). The subject should be of interest to both Skeptics and Humanist audiences.

To kick off our meeting we will be showing a YouTube discussion (with some fascinating slides illustrating the points made) between Cambridge Professor David Spiegelhalter, given this year’s Michael Faraday award for the effective public presentation of science by the Royal Society, in recognition of his efforts to demystify some of the heavy statistics around the current CV19 pandemic, and BBC regular (presenter of “More or Less” on R4), Tim Harford. A lot of mutual back-slapping going on here, but also a lot about combatting “fake news”, and the perils of ill-considered presentation of numbers-based results (and some thoughts on the need for all of us to have some basic skills in understanding them). This conversation lasts around an hour, but we can pause it for discussion of burning questions from any of you at any point, and then continue -  and we will be taking a refreshment break about an hour in, as we will when we can meet in person again in NESC, before opening it up for general discussion.

David Spiegelhalter is a very engaging speaker and really knows his topic - if you don't know the name, you'll probably recognise the face from TV, as he's interviewed quite regularly.

There will be no registration required - I'll send a link to everyone on the mailing list the evening before, so you will need to registered on our mailing list to receive it. Just click on the link and you're in!