Heading for Extinction

Robin Launder

Thursday, March 19 2020 at 7:30PM

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60 Roff Avenue
Bedford MK41 7TW

Robin Launder

What's the talk about?

*** Sad to say, we've decided that we have no option but to postpone this talk due to the current circumstances. We will re-schedule the talk as soon as we safely can. ***

Details of the postponed event:

Robin will deliver ‘the’ Extinction Rebellion (XR) talk, a talk that many XR speakers have delivered up and down the country, and indeed in many countries across the globe – such has been the phenomenal growth of XR. It will give you a picture of the ecological and  climate emergency that we are facing, and (more importantly!) what we can do about it. So, certainly, there will be elements of the talk that are gloomy, to say the least, but there will also be a hopeful element All is not lost if we act now and we act decisively.

Robin’s view is that the messages contained within the XR talk are completely consistent with humanist (and by extension, Skeptical) thinking. To find out whether you agree, come along and have a listen.

Robin Launder is a school speaker for Humanists UK, a trainer of humanist UK school speakers, and also a ‘faith tutor’ at Eton College, that is, he runs humanist sessions for students who do not want to attend Sunday chapel. In addition, he is also an activist and speaker for Extinction Rebellion (XR), the  ecological and climate activist group.