Thursday, June 21 2018 at 7:30PM

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60 Roff Avenue
Bedford MK41 7TW


What's the talk about?

We’ve had the unfortunate news that our planned speaker for June, Sean Parker, on ‘Stammering and Creativity’, has been unavoidably detained. We have tried to find an alternative speaker, but at such short notice we have drawn a blank.

So we are offering the opportunity, to avoid staying in and watching the telly, to go out and watch the telly – but with the opportunity a have a drink.
Jonathan Meades has a very odd manner, but rarely fails to be provocative.  His latest foray, broadcast last week, was on ‘Jargon.’  The issue of the use of language has attained a pretty high profile of late, so we’ll be showing the programme, starting at 7.30pm.  After the interval we’ll have the opportunity to share among ourselves our own bêtes noires (funny that – Word supplied the circumflex accent, but then told me my adjective, perfectly agreeing in gender and number, was wrong.  Never trust AI!)

As a free bonus, since this is a pretty low-budget offering, the collection buckets will remain in the cellar.