Neil Woods

Thursday, May 17 2018 at 7:30PM

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60 Roff Avenue
Bedford MK41 7TW

Neil Woods

What's the talk about?

Neil Woods worked undercover on the streets of the U.K. infiltrating some of the nations most violent drug gangs. Facing regular violence and some near death experiences, he came to realise that things are not quite as we have been led to believe by decades of government and media presentation of drug policy.

Neil is now chairman of LEAP UK, and a board member of LEAP in the USA. This is an organisation of law enforcement officials that have realised that things have to change, and it is growing across the globe. In the U.K., members include former Chief Constables, barristers, magistrates, undercover police, prison guards and governors, MI5, and SAS. They campaign to reform our drug laws, but in order to do that, the public need to be informed about what is really going on.