Do I need tickets?

No, you just have to turn up on the night.  We'll have a collection and ask you to make a donation (all we ask is the price of drink)  to help pay for hire expenses and speakers sundries.

What are you skeptical about?

Skepticism is a method rather than a position on a given topic.  When I say I'm a skeptic I mean I look at the evidence for a claim rather than accepting or rejecting it without consideration.  A skeptic will look at the evidence to see if it justifies belief.  If it doesn't, we remain skeptical.  If it does, we provisionally accept it.  If the evidence shows the belief to be false, we provisionally reject it.

Modern skepticism is based in the scientific method, and skeptics are generally interested not only in the weird things that people believe, but also in psychology (to understand the mistakes they make when they believe it), science/epistemology (because this helps you avoid believing nonsense) and statistics (because you need to use them in science to weigh the value of the evidence). 

Why do you meet in a Pub?

Mainly because pubs serve beer. We prefer pub meetings to lecture theatres as they're much more relaxed and inviting.

Can you provide a projector/PA system?

 If you're a speaker, yes. 

I'd like to give feedback on the meeting, how do I do that?

 If you have any comments, concerns, feedback or suggestions, Please get in touch using the contact form here.