We're a group of free-thinking people in Bedford who like getting together in a pub to have a few drinks and talk about nonsense. 

Each month, we find a speaker - typically a scientist or prominent skeptic who will speak for around 40 minutes.  The subjects of the talks vary, but they will typically be about a common belief that either cannot be justified by the available evidence, or that can actually be demonstrated to be false by the available evidence - or else something that is just plain interesting or contentious.

Examples of subjects we have already covered are: Electric cars, Hypnotism, Fracking, The Alpha Course, Prostitution, Policing, Spin in Lobbying, Futurology, Academy Schools, Income Inequality and a whole lot more to come.

The talk is followed by a chance to question the speaker yourself, or just relax over a drink and listen to what people have to say.

Meetings are usually on the third Thursday of the month. Arrive at 7:00pm for a 7:30 start. Why not come along and join in? 

There is no membership - just turn up. Non-skeptics are not only welcome, they're actively encouraged!

The details of each event - including details of the venue and timings can be found on the home page links.